Greetings. I'm Christine.

I use dance, yoga, and movement to help people honor and celebrate their lives. I have always understood this to be my calling since I created my first piece of dance choreography for a school event at 14 years old.  My love of creating movement has led to me working professionally in the performing arts industry as a performer, choreographer, and teacher for over 15 years. In addition to my extensive background in the performing arts, my service offerings have expanded to teaching mindful movement, meditation, and yoga to all populations-most notably prenatal and postpartum mothers, children, and families. 

In 2012 I launched my own teaching business (formally knowns as CM Dance Company) that centers around my personal dance philosophies.  The purpose of dance is to aid us in celebrating the stages of our lives. Between the major monumental life occasions and the mundaneness of everyday life, I believe dance is there to support us in living a life that is happy, healthy, and whole.

As we collectively experience the current state of our world, I stay committed to helping my students celebrate their lives through movement and dance. It is my firm belief that dancing, and dancing with our loved ones is essential to our human existence. During these unprecedented times, it is my absolute honor, more than ever, to help my students develop and discover new, unique, and safe ways to celebrate and share who they are with the people they love most. 

I look forward to dancing with you. 

Wishing you all the best, 


Student Testimonials


My teaching intentions are clear.

My service offerings are dedicated to helping people honor and celebrate their own unique and personal human experience. Through my dance and movement instruction, I help my students to achieve the following:


To themselves and
to the ones they love.

Experiencing human connection is the meaning of life. Everyone wants and deserves the kind of connection in which they are completely seen, heard, and felt. I provide a safe space in which my students can make that kind of connection to themselves and others.


Of the fear, doubt, and worry that comes with dancing.

Many of of my student start the learning process terrified of dancing. They are afraid they will do it wrong, and even more so, they are afraid of what people will think. I help people let go of the fear, doubt, and worry they might have-ultimately giving them the freedom to move and dance with confidence.


The Present Moment

The action of dancing is the embodiment of celebration in all areas of life. In essence, I help my clients show up to the present moment, confident in who they are. By applying the process of dance, my clients are able to focus on the meaning of the moment and move with freedom.