My Offerings

All my service offerings are available for both in person and virtual instruction.


Private Yoga Instruction

Are you ready to foster a self-realized, healthy relationship with your body? Being present in the body requires awareness, mindfulness, and maintenance. In my private yoga practice, I tailor my instruction tailored specifically to your unique wellness goals and needs. In addition to helping my clients increase mobility, flexibility, and strength in their body, I also offer breathing and meditation techniques to help manage stress in order to live in the present moment.

Educational Programs

I create customized dance and movement enrichment programs to meet the educational needs of schools and learning centers. I work closely with school administrators, program directors, and teachers to create fun movement programs that promote wellness, self-expression, and kindness towards one another.

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Wedding Dance Services

If you are like most couples, you are terrified of dancing in front of your wedding guests. You want to look and feel good, not uncomfortable and forced.  I help couples develop an individualized process that ensures couples show up to their wedding day feeling connected, confident, and ready to celebrate.

Special Event Choreography

Do you have a graduation, milestone birthday, anniversary or major life event on the horizon? I design all of my event services to help families connect to the meaning of their celebration and to one another. With clear goals and a solid process, I guide clients toward their best selves. Along with providing memorable dance choreography and fun instruction, I include artistic direction and management of all presentational elements.


Performance Coaching

Serious about developing your skills as a serious performing artist? Then you need one on one coaching. Whether it be an audition, competition, public performance, or speech, my students are well prepared to represent themselves with confidence and grace.

If there is another movement teaching service you are interested in that is not listed here, please contact me with your request. 


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