• Christine B. Maldonado

Ana and Christopher First Dance

"My husband and I hired Christine to help us with our first dance. I can't speak for my husband, but I have two left feet and generally dislike dancing (because of the 2 left feet). We gave Christine our song and she was able to cut it down to the perfect length and choreographed it so that it was something we could do comfortably that didn't look like the middle school shuffle. She takes things like room layout and where the audience is going to be into account in putting together the routine to ensure our photographer can get great shots (and she did!) Christine was about to go on maternity leave when we hired her so we had very limited time. Despite that, she was extremely flexible with our work schedule. When I had to leave the country unexpectedly, she made time for us in order to make sure we got our lessons in. We also had a couple of lessons with our parents. While my husband's mom was easy to work with, my dad was another story. He was coming from Taiwan 2 weeks before the wedding, so we could only get 1 lesson in with him. Things got very stressful as my dad wouldn't listen to Christine's instructions and kept doing his own thing, which made it extremely difficult since I'm not a natural dancer. I eventually had a total emotional meltdown and stepped out of the room. Christine anticipated all of this from experience, worked her magic, and somehow got my dad to listen, and we walked out of that lesson smiling. I can't say enough how great Christine is, how incredibly dedicated and thoughtful she is to her students, and how fortunate we were to have been able to work with her."

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