• Christine B. Maldonado

Christopher and Christina First Dance

Updated: Feb 5

"Christine is the way to go with your first dance. She is a creative mind, but also perceptive, which makes for a great experience. She will take your song beforehand and come prepared with some choreo and ideas, but her process is fluid, and she has a knack for adapting for the dancers' abilities (or lack thereof) and personalities. We were very happy with our dance, and all the cheering, whistling and hollering that it helped produced. (Oh, what a couple small lifts and spins can do!) The song was not over-choreographed, yet still fancied up enough for the wedding. I also scheduled a last minute lesson for my dad and I with Christine a few days before the wedding, which helped immensely. No time for choreography, but definitely time for some emotional moments right there in the dance studio (hello watery eyes). It helped make the actual moment less awkward and much more enjoyable. Call Christine now if you are considering dance lessons!"

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