• Christine B. Maldonado

The Dancing Dentists.

Updated: Feb 3

Earlier this year in January, I got a call requesting to help create a fun dance routine for the National Vietnamese Dentist Association's (NVDA) yearly gala event. Every year they host this event-and this year they wanted to do something extra special to entertain their colleagues and families. Per their request, I choreographed a surprise mashup routine to Old Town Road by Little Nas X and Bailando by Enrique Iglesias. To keep the dance a surprise, I staged a fashion show featuring them all wearing traditional Vietnamese formal wear which lead to this high energy dance routine that they impressively learned in only three weeks! We agreed that next year they will call me a few months before their next gala to prepare their dance. Based on the cheers they got during the dress rehearsal, I am certain their audience got a kick out of watching these dentists dance their hearts out on stage! Thank you to these dancing dentists for their hard work and commitment to the process of dance....and for trusting me to create this unforgettable moment. It is always an honor to help make dance dreams come true!

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