Elaine and Eduardo First Dance

Updated: Feb 5

"Christine was a lifesaver when we were preparing for our wedding. My husband and I knew that we wanted our first dance to be special. We started planning months in advance because we wanted to be sure we had enough time to feel confident that we would do a really good job. Unfortunately, we initially went to Arthur Murray where they created a generic dance routine that had no connection to our personalities or our music (note – the studio shares one music system and you’d be lucky if you hear your song for more than 1 minute during the lesson)! To make matters worse, they book appointments back to back, so the instructors are forced to watch the clock and you definitely won’t get even one minute of extra attention – we felt like we were on a production line. Having lost months of time on lessons at Arthur Murray I was completely disheartened and didn’t know if we would do a choreographed dance at all. I decided to give it one more try and found Christine through an online search. At this point I was nervous because we only had a few weeks until the wedding, but I can tell you we learned more in one lesson with Christine than we did over all the months of prior practice! Understanding that we were on a time crunch, Christine was flexible with her schedule so we could get as much practice time as possible and she got to know us and the kind of vibe we wanted for our dance so she could choreograph a routine that was perfect for us. She even created an original cut of the music that we were able to give to the DJ and she helped us create a cool entrance that stunned our guests. The dance was the highlight of the evening and people still talk about it. We are lucky to have found Christine and for anyone considering doing something special for your first dance, I would highly recommend you skip the generic studios and go to Christine first – you’ll be happy you did."

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