Encinitas Yoga Retreat

To kick off summer 2019, I attended The Body Temple Yoga School Training Retreat led by my yoga teacher and mentor Daniella Cotreau. I will start by saying that I had an amazing experience at this retreat from beginning to end. Daniella and her team put on a wonderful retreat experience that allowed me the much needed opportunity to rest, reflect, refuel and rejoice with other women who share the mission of leading and living from the heart.

The biggest take-away that Daniella has provided me thru this retreat is the understanding that the work of healing yourself doesn’t truly begin until you commit to knowing, accepting, and SHARING WHO YOU TRULY ARE WITH OTHERS. My second biggest take away is: DO NOT BE A LONE WOLF! I am so grateful for the women, my soul tribe, who held space for me throughout the entire retreat as I experienced breakdowns, break throughs and epiphanies. The retreat also offered me the gift of holding space for others as they experience themselves on this retreat journey.

I also want to add that this retreat was FUN! It was an absolute blast being with these women at this retreat and learning from Daniella and her team. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone, and am looking forward to participating in her retreats in the future. Thank you Daniella for your guidance-it has been so life transforming.

Down below are some photos of the retreat. Enjoy!

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