• Christine B. Maldonado

First 100 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training

The first 100 hours of my yoga teacher training was eye opening and heart awakening. I went through many changes-physical, emotional, and mental. This means, my body was often sore, my emotions free flowing-lots of tears as well as joy and laughter, and finally was living with mental clarity.

Instantly, I made life changes. I realized that I didn't have to work as hard as I was in my professional life, and that being my own boss meant that I could create a work environment that fit my personal needs. I learned that my professional success would come from the success of my personal life and thus, yoga helped me begin to create a life completely separate from my business.

The most valuable thing I learned how to do in my first 100 hours of yoga teacher training was how to say NO. NO to everything that was not in alignment and integrity with who I am. Once I learned how to do that, my life began to feel effortless. I felt freedom in my body, mind, and spirit. And existing in this state, the yoga state, came at the most perfect timing because upon completion of those first 100 hours of yoga teacher training, I became pregnant.

The story of me becoming a yoga teacher also includes becoming a mother. Those two experiences together not only make for a great story, but a wonderful foundation for my teaching practice.

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