Gone Country with TMFC Inc.

A few event photos:

A video of me dancing with John David- CEO of TMFC, Inc.

Funny story: I didn't know this man dressed as "Tonto" at this Country themed corporate event was the CEO of TMFC, Inc when he asked me to dance before the event officially started.

A day prior to the event, I went to the venue to do a typical walk through to prepare for the event. John was underneath one of the cars doing some auto work and slid from underneath one of the many custom cars on display to say hi while still laying on his back holding a tool in his hand. I assumed he was one of the mechanics working on the cars. We got to talking and he expressed his excitement of learning to dance at the upcoming event.

Before this event formally begins, guests are invited to enjoy the music with some social dancing. My assistant and I are responsible for getting the party started by dancing with guests. This man dressed makes a dramatic entrance with his Tonto costume and comes directly up to me says, "Remember me?" and asks me to dance. I immediately remember the mechanic I spoke with briefly from the day before. We share a lively country 2 step that gets the entire crowd riled up and cheering.

Immediately after our dance the formalities begin with the event host formally introducing TMFC, Inc CEO John Davis. I laughed and shriek in utter shock when the man dressed up like Tonto runs up the stage to do a welcome speech for all his company employees. In that moment, I was grateful that my college mentor taught me about treating everyone you meet with respect for not only is it the right thing to do, but because you really never know who you are talking to. In this particular case, I had no idea I was talking to the big boss.