• Christine B. Maldonado

Good Bye "CM Dance Company."

For 8 years, I have built my business as a professional choreographer and dance teacher under the name of CM Dance Company. At the start of my freelance career, I was unsure of what to call my business, so instead of obsessing and trying to come up with the "perfect name," I chose something simple and to the point: CM Dance Company. I then put myself out there as an artist and got to work. I had faith that a more appropriate business name would eventually appear in the midst of my artistic path.

As years went by, I struggled to brand myself. I knew CM Dance Company was just a placeholder until the real identity of my business emerged. Then, one day, while I was in my yoga teacher training program, I realized I had to figure out how to integrate teaching yoga into my dance business. How do I rebrand CM Dance Company? How do I market yoga and dance at the same time? How do I rebrand my services?

To answer these questions, I sought professional feedback, sharing my new website materials with one of my friends from the yoga program.

"Based on what you see here, what do you think my business name should be?" I asked as she scrolled through each page. I awaited for some enlightened yoga teacher response. My friend did not disappoint.

"How about using your own name? YOU are the product. YOU ARE ENOUGH."

So simple, so profound...I am the product...I am enough...

She's right! I thought. I AM the product. I AM enough!

After she said that, I realized I had spent the last eight years believing my businesses needed some kind of special name-a catchy sounding phrase to be successful. But this thought goes against everything I teach and am as a creative professional. My creative approach has always been to present what is real. So why would I approach the name of my business any different?

When you are a teacher of anything, over time you eventually develop catch phrases you regularly say out loud to your students. One of the phrases I say often is: "The most creative thing you can do is to show up as yourself."

With all this said, I have decided to take my own creative advice. So I am pleased to announce that from now on, I will be doing business under the following name:

Christine B. Maldonado.

Check out my new logo and brand colors! ;)


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