• Christine B. Maldonado

Hello. I'm Christine. And I teach Yoga.

How do you write a short and simple bio for a journey that has been anything but short and simple? I've written a new professional yoga bio, but I have yet to really share my yoga journey. For how can you tell it when you are still fully present in it? It's been 5 years since my journey began and I'm at place where I feel comfortable with sharing a journey that I had no idea would change me forever. So here's my first share, the short and simple bio:

Christine B. Maldonado is a 500 hour certified yoga instructor with Body Temple Yoga School. Throughout her journey of becoming a yoga teacher, she was also navigating the journey of pregnancy, postpartum, and early motherhood. This combined experience inspired a speciality in helping families navigate the prenatal/postpartum journey with yoga. Additionally, Christine holds a BA in Dance from San Jose State University and continues to work as a dance choreographer, instructor, and coach.

The next several post will feature stories from my yoga journey. I am looking forward to sharing it with you all. Stay tuned! 🙏🏽

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