• Christine B. Maldonado

Iris and Warren First Dance

"Christine was a wondrous dance teacher. While my now husband was very excited to get us dance classes for my birthday, because he knows how I have 2 left feet, I was still hesitant, even knowing that it would help me to get comfortable with dancing before our wedding. Fast forward 6 lessons later, at both Christine's San Jose and Campbell locations, and we were both glad we got to work with Christine and love her for her energy and flexibility! Christine took great care to listen to what we wanted out of our lessons- a quirky mashup of songs from Gangnam Style, Macho Man, Little Mermaid, and a song from the Wedding Singer. She helped shape our vision into something that was achievable, fun and reflective of our personalities to dance to! We had great fun with it the day of the wedding and she helped us get our nerves out before then. Christine was also great in listening to our feedback, encouraging our free dance skills, making herself available when we wanted to add an extra lesson, and helping us edit our music multiple times! Thank you, Christine!"

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