Jodie and Glenn First Dance

Updated: Feb 5

"The comment our moms made was, "It's like Dancing with the Stars!" We came to Christine with two songs we had in mind for our first dance (At Last by Etta James and Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon). Our initial thoughts were that we could splice them together to make a combined slow then faster dance, but she convinced us two separate dances would be better. In just nine lessons, she choreographed two dances, our first dance (slow rumba) and our "second" dance (quick/fun cha-cha) based on our two songs choices, and they were a hit! Christine had a vision for both dances throughout our time together and designed them based on our ability. She challenged us, helped us successfully execute several lifts, and made sure we were always comfortable with her direction. She recorded us dancing with her cues so that we could go home and practice like she was there with us. We always looked forward to her lessons and felt ready to go by wedding day. Christine also had an eye for what the wedding day would look like, photo opportunities, wow moments, entrance, and exit flow. We would recommend her to anyone regardless of song, dance choice, experience, or ability."

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