• Christine B. Maldonado

Jovice and Victor Wedding Ceremony Dance

Updated: Feb 5

"My fiancé and I are having an elopement wedding on August 31, 2017. We wanted to do a little dance after our first kiss. We tried to make a routine at home but it just was not working. I didn't want to be discouraged so I ended up yelping CM Dance Company. Christine who is such an inspirational Owner and Dance Instructor was such a delight on the phone that she even convinced my future husband to agree to taking a class. He was very hesitant as he said that we did not need any dance instructions so I was very happy that Christine's natural personality and passion for dance helped Victor see the vision of our special day. Today, we went to her class and we were so impressed with how dedicated Christine is to helping us create our vision through beautiful movements that represent our special day and our story. I am also blown away because it was Victor's idea to add 4 more classes. We definitely need a lot more improvement in our moves but we had fun doing it. Thanks Christine for a great Sunday class!!"

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