• Christine B. Maldonado

Laura and Louis First Dance

"My wife and I have been going to a ton of weddings as we've hit the age where everyone's getting married. We're also in the wedding industry (shoutout photobombsj.com) and I would say that 99% of the first dances we saw were boring. It was a time to look for a few seconds, then pour some shots. I thought maybe we should get some lessons, and a friend of mine recommended Christine. We talked over the phone, and she seemed totally cool, so we booked 5 lessons with her. IT WAS SOOOOO WORTH IT!. She was patient, knew what she was talking about, choreographed our whole dance to the song we wanted, and pretty much set up all the details so that we would get the best looking pictures and videos. There's a short part of our dance in our highlight video (https://vimeo.com/139421034). EVERYONE has been telling us how amazing it was! CM Dance Company definitely added magic to our day!"

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