Melody's Debut: A Masquerade Ball Tango

Updated: Feb 3

"One thing that I value in the hectic life I lead is someone who is on top of their responsibilities. Christine has never failed to be on top of any lesson I have been a part of. My family hired her to choreograph my younger sister's 18th birthday waltz. During our consultation time, she helped to cultivate creative, unique ideas for the dance that ended up being a tango-waltz. Our theme is Phantom of the Opera and when she started to teach us the dance, we found it dramatic, in character and couldn't have asked for more. She manages to keep all of our dancers in line-amazing!- (10 dancers, most of them middle school aged). Her teaching and choreography are more than worth it. What tops off working with Christine is that she is very easy to talk to. She's kind, friendly and will teach you do dance looking like you've got years of training even if you've only got 5 weeks of it. I'll update this later after the event, which will only have more compliments to say about someone who puts their heart into what they do. Thanks Christine!!!"

-Monica Ubungan

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