• Christine B. Maldonado

One of the short stories that led to the creation of my teaching business.

As my dance company approaches its 8th year, I am reflecting back on how it all started with me teaching my husband how to dance for our own wedding. It was a challenge to say the least.

The stress of wedding planning was getting to us. To make matters worse, I conducted our wedding dance sessions with the unrealistic expectation of turning my groom into an impressive all star dancer. All he really wanted and needed was to feel good dancing with me at our wedding, and in true stage choreographer form, I got carried away attempting to execute a grand vision. Oops!

As you can see from the photo, we ended up figuring out how to enjoy the moment with a few well rehearsed basic steps! When I think about our first dance story and wedding, I can't help but marvel and laugh at the fact that the most impressive thing that happened was that it launched a business!

I am so looking forward to another year of creating for new couples entering the next chapter of their lives.

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