• Christine B. Maldonado

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Three months after becoming certified to teach yoga, the opportunity to teach yoga presented itself in the form of teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga at Harmony Family and Birth. After giving birth to my son, I found myself attending the studios postpartum yoga classes a couple times a week. The classes were extremely helpful in navigating all the new changes and challenges that come with being a new mom.

What made these classes different from a typical yoga class you might experience at a studio or gym is that these classes encouraged new mothers to share their experiences in the beginning of each class. This allowed for mothers to received support from each other-ultimately developing a sense of community which is extremely important for mothers to have throughout their journey as mothers. I certainly needed this group.

In one of my vulnerable shares, I revealed that all I wanted to do when I came to class was sit on my mat and just breathe while my baby rolled around the yoga mat. Sometimes I came to class just to sit, stare off into the distance, and quietly sob on my mat. Like many new moms, I was extremely sleep deprived. Even though I knew it was absolutely okay for me to just sit, watch, and breathe, I found it to be difficult with my background in dance and yoga to watch everyone moving so freely in their bodies. I sat there wishing I could move the way I used to but I just had no energy. All I had the energy to do in those days was take care of my child's basic needs and take deep breathes every chance I got. It was agonizing to accept that it would be a while before I would move the way used to before I had my baby. Somewhere in that moment, I mentioned that I was a newly certified yoga instructor. And after class my teacher asked me if I would be interested in subbing a few of her classes while she went away on vacation for the month.

I was slightly terrified because of course, my self doubt showed up and told me that I was not ready to teach a yoga class, let alone, a yoga class for prenatal and postpartum mothers. After taking a moment to meditate on the opportunity, I decided to say yes. I figured that this opportunity would allow me to integrate my new role of being a mom with my teaching practice. For support in this new role of teaching to prenatal and postpartum mothers, I signed up with a mentorship program as well as observed classes from teachers seasoned in teaching mothers.

After a few months of teaching mothers, I wanted to learn more about how I could improve my teaching skills with this specific group so I signed up for a prenatal yoga teacher training program-and eventually a doula training program a few months later. These two trainings not only helped me teach this population, but also helped me understand and process my own journey as a new mother.

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