• Christine B. Maldonado

Ronnie and Robbie First Dance

"Christine is a professional in every sense of the word. She exceeded our expectations and created a first dance that was everything and more. We wanted a fun mash up dance that had the famous Dirty Dancing song as well as Vanilla Ice, NKOTB, C & C Music Factory and MC Hammer. She used pieces of each song and put the mash up together in a way that made sense and worked. It was amazing! Her choreography was spot on she was super invested in making us look like we knew what we were doing! And let me tell you... we nailed the dance!! I was literally the most fun ever and our guests lost their minds. They absolutely loved it and knew the night was going to be the most fun! I am telling you...you need Christine in your life. :) Ronnie & Robi Facciolla Married @ Casa Real 12/30/17"

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