A Debut Dance for a Team of Swimmers.

Updated: Feb 3

Photo by Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics
Chloe, a few team mates, and myself posing after their swim meet.

In 2016-three months after giving birth to my son, I got a request to help organize and create a large production dance number for Chloe's 18th birthday. This event would also be her graduation party and send off to college in the Fall. With the event scheduled a month away, I was eager to get her group into the studio. I was told that I would only have 3 weeks to work with this group as they were are currently competing in the 2016 Olympic trails for swimming. As soon as they returned, I quickly began the process of learning.

It was an absolute honor to serve Chloe and her family as their event director and choreographer. In Just 3 weeks, Chloe and her swim team came together to learn how to dance for her Debut celebration. I was completely impressed by their commitment to both their rigorous swim training schedules and the dance rehearsal schedule I threw at them. Photographer Albert Facultad was able to capture the balance between swim training and dance rehearsal, and created a fun video that was featured right before they presented their dance at the event!

I loved teaching this group so much. I also enjoyed learning about the sport of swimming. They knew nothing about dancing and I knew nothing about swimming-and now we are such fans of each others passion. As the 2020 Olympics is postponed for another time due to the pandemic, I am thinking of this group, as many of them would have competed in this years Olympic games.

Rehearsal Footage

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