• Christine B. Maldonado

Swing Dance Party for the Fremont School District

Updated: Feb 1

The Fremont Unified high school district hosted a swing dance party for all the schools in their district and I got the opportunity to teach a gym full of teenagers how to swing dance!

This event taught me just how important it is to teach young people how to formally social dance.

The idea of asking someone to dance was a foreign concept to many-if not all. In the beginning of the event, I noticed how uncomfortable the participants were with dancing with one another so closely in a formal dance frame, making eye contact, and having casual conversation in the midst of movement. For a generation that enjoys suggestively dancing (twerking), this behavior was interesting to observe. How are we as a society so comfortable with rubbing our bodies so closely together on the dance floor yet find discomfort with social dancing?

By the end of the night, these teenagers eventually let loose and were enjoying dancing with one another. I was thrilled to see them truly connecting with each other. It was a fresh of breath air to see this dance interaction compared to the movement that is typically done these days by young people on the dance floor.

My thought is that some connections were made that evening that will never be forgotten.

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