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Teaching to Family and Friends

Updated: May 7

Once I became a 200 hour certified yoga instructor, I understood one thing: I was nowhere ready to teach yoga to the public (self-doubt, you are such as jerk!). I was also about to give birth to a baby so I knew that I would need at least a few months to acclimate myself with being a new mom. I didn't have plans to teach yoga for a while. But of course, The Universe had other plans-per usual.

A few months after I became certified, exactly 3 months after giving birth to my son, requests for me to teach yoga started to happen at a frequent and steady pace. I decided to say yes to the opportunities that came my way and worked on my self-doubt the best way I knew how: by turning to my family and friends. Since the beginning of my career as a dance teacher, I have always leaned on my family and friends to serve as my very first set of students-and teaching yoga has not been any different.

I decided to organize and conduct a private yoga class from my sister, her best friend, and my best friend. I wanted to practice teaching to an audience that would love me through my teaching hiccups and also give me truthful advice. No one keeps it real like yo' family and friends and they certainly did when it came to sharing their feedback! Also, I needed some marketing photos to let the world officially know that I was out here offering yoga instruction privately and to the general public. Needless to say, my family loved taking a free yoga class that included photos of the experience.

I loved having this intimate experience of teaching to my friends and family. I especially loved having this special private class captured by photographer Brittany Beryl who was a student with me in my 200 hour yoga teacher training program. Featured down below are photos of this moment that has helped me find my way as a new yoga teacher.

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