When it comes to events, there are so many moving parts to manage. This is where I come in.

My event services are designed to help families connect to the meaning of their celebration, and to one another. Along with providing memorable dance choreography and fun instruction, my service includes the artistic direction and management of all presentational elements. If you are interested my event services, please book a free 30 minute connection call to discuss the details of your events.




I love Christine! A few years back I had a cotillion for my debut and I was very nervous because more than half my cotillion had two left feet, especially my escort. I was very stressed with this situation but after our first practice I realize Christine was going to make this work and she did! She is patient and enthusiastic; we took it at a pace everyone was comfortable with.  What amazed me is that when people repeatedly don't understand she will try different ways to explain it! No one ever got frustrated, which in these events usually happen. I also appreciated that she can connect with different types of people. I am not the most graceful person but with her tips and her techniques my duet dance with my escort was amazing! She has an amazing personality and great passion! My theme was royalty and with her help she made it more than I expected. So thank you for turning my uncoordinated cotillion to a graceful court of princes and princesses!

Mariah A.

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