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The First Dance


Working with couples on their first dance has been my signature service since 2012. Thru the process of dance instruction, I help couples show up to their wedding day feeling connected, confident, and ready to celebrate. I also ensure that my couples are dancing well and create an unforgettable moment that is worth capturing! 

All couples will start the wedding dance journey with a initial 90 minute session which includes an hour of dance instruction and a thorough consultation to go over your wedding dance desire and the best session plan to help achieve your wedding dance goals. 

The following factors will determine the amount of sessions I recommend to a couple: the wedding date, song choice(s), scheduling, and the details of the desired outcome. Here is a list of my most popular recommendations:

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Ten Sessions

For couples who want to go all out and surprise their guests with an elaborate routine, this 10-session dance package is the appropriate choice for you! This is also a great option for those who want to move at a slower pace over a long period of time.

Five Sessions

The 5-session dance package  is the most popular choice for couples who want a beautiful and simple dance with an elegant entrance and ending. Give me your song choice and I’ll teach you a dance style that fits, along with tips that will help you look smooth and feel relaxed.

One Session

In 90 minutes, we will cover everything needed to navigate your first dance. Although I never recommend just taking one session, this is the best option if you are down to the wire.


Additional Wedding Services

These additional wedding services were designed with the entire family in mind.

Weddings are a family affair and I offer instruction that will help everyone involved show up to this day feeling and looking their best. Please contact me if you have any additional questions about my wedding dance services of have a special request that is not listed here. 



This session is especially designed for the parents of the bride and groom. A few sessions will help get any nervous jitters out of the way and help families do whats most important-honor and celebrate each other on this special day.

with Yoga

Wedding planning can be extremely stressful on couples and their families. I offer yoga sessions to help destress and reconnect families to each other and the meaning of the occasion. Each session will include breathing exercises, yoga poses, and meditation. Your session will be customized to meet your needs.


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